Ronald Pieters

Ronald was born in Amsterdam 1987 and started dancing in 2006. After playing football for 13 years, he made the switch to salsa! With no dancing experience he started his first course at SalsaRoy (now Plaza Danza) in Groningen. After a year he really got addicted and started travelling all over the Netherlands to take classes and dance socials. At some point, totally unexpected, his national inspiration Brian Libier from Salsaddiction asked him to dance in his team. This is when Ronald made the switch from just dancing social, into dancing in a team and started rehearsing. His love for dancing salsa kept growing and growing. Salsaddiction was the place where he met Vivienne, his current dance partner. They started making their own routines, and with Salsaddiction and as a couple they started to perform national and international, leaving impressions everywhere. Highlights are performing in Brussels, Manchester, Nice, Estonia, Berlin, Curacao, Japan (with his Japanese partner Mari Yogo, former Yamulee dancer) and New York.

In New York Ronald got to know Yamulee, which for him was the highlight when it comes to salsa dancing.

Ronald was proudly part of the Yamulee’s 45min History piece (performed in New York and Zurich) and the main highlight was that he got the chance to perform with Yamulee in his own country twice. Osmar Perrones never took it easy on him, and put a lot of effort in the development of Ronald, of which Ronald is very grateful.

After New York Ronald continued dancing with Vivienne, creating their next level shows Razones and Crusin’, putting them stronger than ever on the map. Another experience that followed was his first project, Ronald created an assembly of some top dancers to perform the Tribute to Brian and Mechteld, still honoring his founding fathers. This teamwork gave him the inspiration to start the group RV Síntesis…

Ronald can be described as fast, musical, creative and very passionate. His classes can be defined as challenging, refreshing, well-explained and definitely fun. Don’t miss out all the information Ronald is willing to share!

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